Who we are

CKI is a privately held, Australian-owned professional services company with global reach. With our head office located in Melbourne, Australia, where the company was incorporated over a decade ago. Our business interests are diverse and our achievements many, resulting in year on year growth over the past decade. All because our customers dared to imagine if …

With over 20 years of experience in Corporate Governance, Project Management, People Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Growth, Jim Ilievski has garnered a reputation for being an energetic and innovative professional leader.

Our Team

The CKI family is an experienced team of professionals who work hard every day to make a difference in customers pursuing their vision and their business outcomes.

We exist to help you imagine if …

  • Your service partner focused on improving and growing your business not their own, where actions with measurable outcomes were more important than circular debate.
  • Your ICT partner treated your business as part of the solution instead of part of the problem. A partner who makes technology a key enabler and is an extension of your business.
  • Your business was your top priority and you could focus on running your business, not managing a poor service provider.
  • The digital world was not so scary and digital transformation meant a change for the better.
  • Your service partner was as passionate as you about maximising the value of your people.
  • You were spoilt for choice when finding talent for your business.
  • You could absolutely trust your service partner to professionally manage your contractors and employees.