From dreams to success – Izzi Dymalovski

One of the youngest icons, if not the youngest in business in Australia is certainly Izzabela Dymalovski, Izzi, participant in the TV show Shark Tank, a teenager behind the popular cosmetic collection for young people Luv Ur Skin. Izzi is 14 year old girl which dreams of business began to come true 6 years ago. Her production of organic beauty products for skin care has turned into reality and is going with securely steps towards success in Australia, but she is also keen to seize opportunities to expand the sales network in Europe.

Luv Ur Skin products can be ordered online and includes range of natural products especially suited for girls skin to encourage them to develop healthy lifestyle habits and routines so that they would learn to take care of their skin and bodies as they grow, while having fun doing it. How did the story of Ur Luv Skin starts? What is the most important inspiration of 8 year old girl to start a business? What are its expectations, what are its plans further, whether she plans to expand the collection with new products? For this we talked with Izzi, beautiful courageous young girl, full of ideas and plans for the future.

Channel Ten’s entrepreneurial show Shark Tank was crucial for  her own path to successes.

  1. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”, this words of Audrey Hepburn it seems was the main motive for you to realize you dreams? What was impossible for you 5 years ago?

I really do believe that anything is possible, if you have the passion. If you believe in what you’re doing you can achieve great things. I was only 8, when I started, so at the time I didn’t think about anything being ‘impossible’, I just started working on something I really wanted to do and I am  just stuck with it.

  1. How long did it take for your brand to go from an idea to realization? Did you have help from your family?

I started this 6 years ago, so it has taken a long time and a lot of hard work and long hours to get to this point. I have had a lot of support from my family, and as a kid, couldn’t have done it without them. They helped set up meetings, put me in touch with the right formulators, suppliers and marketing people who I was able to work with to make this happen.

  1. Producing skincare for young people, how did you come to this idea?

I used to do dance concerts and so had  to wear make-up from a young age and my mum wouldn’t let me use any of her products to clean my face because they used chemicals that were too harsh for my skin, so I asked her if I could make my own and she said yes, not realizing I would take her seriously and now here we are! 

  1. Do you thing that the market does not offer enough cosmetic products for young people?

I definitely think the market doesn’t offer a lot of things for young people my age. There are many brands that make products and clothes from babies/toddlers then go straight to teenagers, but forget there is a whole group of us from about the age of 8-14 that needs things to be created especially for us.

  1. You brand Luv Ur Skin is a range of naturally made skin care and beauty products that are safe on all skin types. Is it complicated to develop this type of products?

My products are all made using natural ingredients to make sure they are safe to use on children’s skin or anyone with sensitive skin. It’s actually really difficult to produce these products because you have to make sure you get the right balance of ingredients but also make them affordable for kids and their families. It’s actually more expensive to use natural ingredients instead of chemicals, so it can be a really hard to get it right, which is why it takes so long!

  1. Luv Ur Skin is a range of natural skin care products that have been specially developed using specifically selected natural ingredients and key plant extracts. Is the Centipeda Cunninghamii a main ingredient? And what benefits does this Australian plant provide for young skin?

I use this ingredients because it’s Australian and has been scientifically tested to be safe and effective on the skin. The benefits are that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which means it helps with calm the skin while protecting it from environment damage.

  1. Is your brand Luv Ur Skin hard to find in Australia? What are you plans for overseas expansion?

We just recently launched our brand in Priceline all around Australia so it can

be found very easily, just ask for it in any store. I would love to see the products overseas and I am currently talking to different companies to see what we can do. I hope we get to sell it into Macedonia one day, that would be amazing.

  1. What is your message/recommendation, to young people who want to start a business?

Don’t give up on your dreams. It is hard work and you will have a lot of challenges along the way, but you need to learn from mistakes and keep going, because if you believe in yourself, then others will start to believe in you too. Izzi xx

Gordana Cvetanoska

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