MKUD Biser Geelong

The Macedonian Cultural Artistic Association (MKUD) “Biser” was founded in 1977 by the Geelong Macedonian Community as a means to educate their children through traditional folklore (folk) dance and song. Today, the group continues to showcase their traditions to the wider demographic.

MKUD Biser has had the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise in dance and song not only in Victoria but interstate and internationally.
They have travelled throughout Australia as well as two major international trips to their homeland Macedonia in 1997 and 2011.

They have hosted many events where they have invited not only other Macedonian groups but also widened their invitation to other nationalities such as Serbian and Indian to just name a few.
MKUD Biser are still a strong and enthusiastic family who hope to continue to entertain for many more years.

Our mission is to continue and uphold the traditional Macedonian culture through the love of dance, music and song.

Crn Ballan & Ballarat Roads, Batesford, Victoria 3213

M. 0424 497 520

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